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Traffic Type Provisions

  • Paid Search: If Partner engages in any keyword search marketing hereunder, Partner shall (1) comply with all rules, requirements and terms of the particular search engine being used, (2) not infringe upon any trademark or other intellectual property rights of any third parties, (3) not bid on any of Marketer’s or Perform[cb]’s trademarks, brand names, or other terms (collectively, “terms”), including any variations or misspellings thereof, (4) not use Marketer’s or Perform[cb]’s terms in sequence with any other keyword, (5) not use Marketer’s or Perform[cb]’s terms in its ad title, ad copy, display name, or as the display URL, (6) and (3) comply with all terms and requirements of the Marketers with respect to search marketing.
  • Mobile Traffic: For an Offer to be distributed on wireless devices, such as cell phones and tablets, Partner agrees to: (i) comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding marketing to wireless devices; (ii) comply with all rules, terms and policies of the wireless service provider and the maker(s) of the wireless device and operating system running on such device, (iii) not install any software, cookies or application to the device without the express affirmative consent of the User; and (iv) provide such data regarding the Actions as may be required by Perform[cb] or its Marketer from time to time, including, UDID numbers for each Action and geo and time/date of the Action generation.

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