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To begin utilizing Perform[cb]'s API, please log into your account, and in the upper right-hand corner click on API Information. Here you will find your Account ID # and API Key # which are needed for the API calls.

Below you will find a list of available API calls that will direct you to the proper documentation - in each, you will find the URL and the required parameters for the API call you're wishing to use 

The parameters will need to be appended with an "&" and "=" and the appropriate values.

For example: For the ReportSubIDsV2 API, append the following parameters:[yourAPIkey]&user_id=[yourAccountID]

Once these parameters and values are appended, you will receive your response.  Sample XML Responses are in the below documentation.

Available API Calls (Please Click Each Link for Specific Documentation)

SubID Reporting

Conversion Report

Offer Feed

Get Vertical Categories

Offer Group Report

Daily Report

Click Report

Change Account Info

Create Offer Group

Get Offer Group

Get Blocked SourceIDs or SubIDs

Find My Approved Offers 

Contact Information

If you still have questions, you can contact our support team here.

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