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Welcome to Perform[cb] - Marketer Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Perform[cb]!

We are excited that you've decided on the Perform[cb] Outcome Engine and we can't wait to see your KPI's get crushed.  This guide provides an overview of our customer acquisition platform and will help you get off to a strong start!  Please reach out to your Sales or Account Growth Manager with any questions you may have as you get up and running


First Things, First! (FAQ)

I am using a 3rd Party Tracking Platform, do you have any Pixel Integration Guides?

Navigating our Platform:


For more information regarding our revamped Dashboard, click here!

  • My Account: A quick reference for your Available Balance, Account Manager's details as well as an Activity Feed Aggregator for a log of changes to your offers

  • Offer & Group Budget: A convenient look at the pacing of any Offer or Group Budgets with the ability to adjust right from this widget

  • Analyze Performance: Visualize the metrics you can about, over the Date Range that's important to you


This section is where you will be able to Create and Edit Offers, Budgets and Pixels.  Let's get started! 

My Offers:

  • Creating a New Offer (select "Create New" button)

    • You'll be prompted to first select the relevant offer type (see description in Modal screenshot below for more details):

For the purposes of this documentation, we'll select "CPA"

  • Here is a guided tour of the fields within the offer creation process. An asterisk (*) represents a required field.  NOTE: If you're in a hurry to grab and implement the tracking pixels, just fill out the first 4 required fields - you can come back and edit this offer at any time.

    • Offer Name* This is the name of your offer.  Please note this will show through to Publishers
    • Brand Name* This is the brand of your offer.  Please note this may show through to Customers
    • Vertical* This is the category for your offer
      • If your offer is an App Install, select a vertical that begins with "Apps"
      • Otherwise, select the most relevant category
    • Destination URL*
      • We require that you provide us with a Tracking URL from your system that is unique to Perform[cb] - this URL is a crucial ingredient to a successful campaign and will allow you to connect each conversion with the Partner responsible for driving that lead.
      • We recommend using the https version of your site
      • You may choose to have information passed to you via the Destination URL, here are the options:

      • While not required, we recommend that you provide us with a method that will allow us to send you additional data about traffic - we call this SubID data. This data will include things such as each Partner's LinkID as well as additional source data that will help you to optimize your traffic.
      • Pre-Pop is available, should you wish to have our publishers pass specific values back to you.  Please reach out to your Sales or Account Growth Manager to assist.
    • Preview URL
      • This is best utilized for international offers that do not automatically open without the use of a proxy
        • If an App Install offer, include the App Store's URL for this app
    • Package ID
    • Description
      • Here you can add any relevant information you have about the offer such as a description of the offer, when the pixel fires (where the payable action occurs), target demographic information or cost to consumer
        • For App Install offers, you may choose to include the Description from the App Store
    • CPA Payout This is how much you will pay PerformCB for the conversion 
      • If CPC Offer Type: Target CPA This is the $ value of the action
      • If Revshare: You have the ability to define different payouts for customer actions (Example: if a customer has Poor Credit vs Excellent Credit)
        • This requires you passing PerformCB the payout via the PCB Pixel
    • App Icon
      • Relevant only for App Install offers, this is the thumbnail icon of the App in the App Store
    • Creatives
      • If you have banners, product images or video creatives that you wish to provide for our publishers to use, you may upload and manage them here 
        • Note: These will be reviewed and approved by PerformCB's Compliance Team 
    • Text Creatives
      • If you have any Text you wish to provide for our publishers. Relevant for SMS Text and/or Contextual Push Traffic
    • Events
      • Also referred to as “upsells”. If the offer has a secondary payable action here, select “Add New Event” and enter the event name and payout.
    • Scheduling
      • If your offer can accept traffic only during specific days or times of the week, here is where you can set that. Additionally, if your offer needs to start or end on a specific date, you can do that here.
        • Note: This is based in Eastern Standard Time Zone
    • Premium Targeting
      • Traffic Types
        • Here you can specify what traffic types you wish to accept on your offer.  Click on the tooltips for more information on each traffic type. 
        • By default, all Traffic Types are included, to maximize the amount of traffic to your offers
      • Device Types
        • By default, all Device Types are included, to maximize the amount of traffic to your offers
        • Targeting by Device Types and Operating System is available for select Marketers, reach out to your Sales or Account Growth Manager for more information on if this is right for you
      • Geo Location
        • By default, all Geo Locations are included, to maximize the amount of traffic to your offers
        • However, in the event your offer is available for select Countries or US States, here is where you can choose to “Target” specific locations or “Exclude” specific locations, or a combination of the two.
        • Targeting by US Zip and US City Targeting is also available for the US only, reach out to your Sales or Account Growth Manager for more information on if this is right for you
    • Bidding Information/Max CPC Bid
      • For CPC Offers only
      • This is the payout for the click that you agree to pay PerformCB
    • Budget
      • Also referred to as cap, this is the amount of US $ or conversions that you may have allocated to this offer
      • To add, select the time frame for the budget (daily, weekly, monthly) and enter the amount in USD (if the budget is by dollar value) or the number of conversions (if budget is by conversion - use the drop-down on the far-right to toggle between US$ and Conversions)
        • Notes: 
          • Weekly budgets run Monday - Sunday
          • Budgets are based in Eastern Standard Time Zone
    • Advanced Budget
      • Budget Groups allow the user to select 2 or more offers to "share" a single budget.  Perfect if you are looking to split test offer pages, set one budget for multiple geo regions or share one budget for multiple products, brands or app install offers.
      • Test Budgets allow you to set per-publisher budgets to build data sets and tweak based on performance.  This can be especially useful in Lead Gen verticals.
    • Tracking Pixels & Testing
      • In order for Perform[cb] to track data back to our platform, we require that our Marketers place a pixel and/or postback on the Conversion Page(s). 

        What is a Pixel? 

        A pixel, also referred to as Browser or Cookie Based Tracking, is a piece of tracking code that is "triggered" when a payable action has occurred - this allows us to track data about the actions taking place on a campaign.  A pixel is reliant on session information in the cookie, extracted from the browser.  Format(s): iframe & image

        What is Postback?

        Postback, also referred to as Server to Server, S2S or Server-Side Pixels, is a tracking method independent of the end user's browser. It is especially important to place these, since major browsers are moving away from third-party tracking pixels.  Mobile App/App Install traffic is solely dependent on Postback Pixels.

        Note: A winning combination for tracking is placing both iframe and postback pixels for each campaign run with Perform[cb]. This will allow for more of a 1:1 tracking between your tracking platform and Perform[cb] as well as P[cb] and our partners' tracking platform, resulting in better ability for traffic optimization all around! Our platform will de-dupe the extra pixel.

      • For CPC offers, we do not require that you place a tracking pixel as it is not needed for tracking data in our platform. However, we do advise that you still place our pixel on the paid action to provide additional data to our publishers. 
      • Global Pixels (known as a Pixel Group in our platform) is available should you need a single pixel to apply on all of your offers.
      • If you are using one of the following 3rd Party Tracking Platforms, we have a simple Pixel Integration guide for you:
  • To Edit or Replicate an offer (if you're setting up multiple offers, such as Prime vs Non Prime hour offers), click on the 3 dots next to the offer:

API Information

For more information on our Reporting API, please visit this Support Page


  • Our system will alert you of all changes to your offers (also available in the Activity Feed in your Dashboard). Please be sure to whitelist along with your account growth manager’s email address to ensure you do not miss any communications

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