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Welcome to Perform[cb] - Marketer Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Perform[cb]!

We are excited that you've decided on the Perform[cb] Outcome Engine and we can't wait to see your KPI's get crushed.  This guide provides an overview of our customer acquisition platform and will help you get off to a strong start!  Please reach out to your Sales or Account Growth Manager with any questions you may have as you get up and running


First Things, First! (FAQ)

I am using a 3rd Party Tracking Platform, do you have any Pixel Integration Guides?

  • YES! If you are using one of the major tracking platforms or MMPs, we've taken the guesswork out of how to structure your URL and our tracking codes.  With our guided Campaign Setup Wizard, you will tell us a few details about your campaign, such as your Outcome Type (CPL, CPS, CPE/CPI, PPC, etc), what Tracking Platform or Mobile Measurement Partner you use, and what Tracking Method (Postback, Iframe, Javascript Code, etc) you support, and we'll provide the appropriately appended details!  

Navigating our Platform:


For more information regarding our revamped Dashboard, click here!

  • My Account: A quick reference for your Available Balance, Account Growth Manager's details as well as an Activity Feed Aggregator for a log of changes to your campaigns

  • Campaign & Group Budget: A convenient look at the pacing of any Campaign or Group Budgets with the ability to adjust right from this widget

  • Analyze Performance: Visualize the metrics you can about, over the Date Range that's important to you


This section is where you will be able to Create and Edit Campaigns, Budgets and Pixels.  Let's get started! 

My Campaigns:

  • Creating a New Campaign (select "Create New" button)

    • You'll be prompted to first select the relevant Outcome Type (aka Pricing Model, Format or Type, which is the primary action from the end customer that you'll be paying out on).  Our platform will customize the campaign build experience based on this outcome type and will only ask for information relevant to that outcome.

                    For the purposes of this documentation, we'll select "Leads / Form Submissions" (aka CPL)

  • Required to Submit

    • All sections within the Required to Submit list must be completed with a green checkmark before the campaign can be submitted.  These sections are different based on which Outcome was selected.

  • Tracking System

    • Using one of the major tracking platforms/MMPs for your traffic? If so, we've given you a literal "Easy Button" which will help append the macros and parameters based on our team's years of experience working with these external tracking platforms.  

      • If you're using GTM as your primary tracker, Perform[cb]'s Pixel is integrated within the Google Template Community and setting that up is as simple as it gets!  Each tracking system has a simple set of directions to follow within the builder (don't forget to check out the tooltips, too!)

  • Land & Track and Outcome Funnel

    • These sections tell PCB about the customer journey and what's important for you to measure, and what action(s) you'd like to pay out on.

      • Have a CPS Campaign and therefore ROAS an important metric for you? It's easy to get this setup - click here!

      • Do you instead measure quality through events (such as registration or linking a bank account?) Check out our One-Pager here to learn how to setup and report on multiple events in our platform.

  • Tracking Codes

    • This section provides the postbacks, iframes and image pixels needed for PCB to successfully track your campaign's conversions and events (if added) based on your tracking platform selected in the builder.

      • Note: If our recommended parameters and macros are not used in the Campaign Tracking URL, you will need to edit the postback/pixel accordingly to ensure successful tracking.

  • Testing

    • It is highly recommended that every campaign is tested before launch.  Use the testing link provided to verify all tracking codes are placed properly and passing traffic data back to our platform correctly.  This traffic will be recorded as a test and will not be billed or visible in our standard reports.  The test results will show through to your tracking platform.

  • Optional to Submit Section

    • All of these within this section are optional.  If something is altered from the default settings, it will appear with a dark gray circle.

  • Save Draft

    • Campaigns can be saved as drafts if you need to return at a later time to finish the campaign setup.  The campaign name is the only requirement for this to save as a draft.

  • Submit Campaign

    • After all required fields are added, the campaign can be submitted for approval.  You will receive an email from our system once the campaign is approved, and the campaign status will be updated from Pending to Approved.

  • Edit & Replicate 

    • If you're setting up multiple campaigns, such as for Prime vs Non Prime Hour offers, clicks on the 3 dots next to the campaign:

API Information

For more information on our Reporting API, please visit this Support Page


  • Our system will alert you of all changes to your offers (also available in the Activity Feed in your Dashboard). Please be sure to whitelist along with your account growth manager’s email address to ensure you do not miss any communications

Referral Program

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