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API Call - Offer Group Report

Offer Group Report (Media Buyer)





  • api_key [STRING] = Affiliate API Key
  • user_id [INT] = Affiliate ID
  • from_date [DATE] = Report Start Date [MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY]
  • to_date[DATE] = Report End Date [MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY]
  • start_row[INT] = Starting Row Number (First row is 0)
  • limit [INT] = Maximum Rows Returned(Default is ALL)


Sample XML Response:

<offer_group_report_response xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">









<offer_name>Offer Name 1</offer_name>




<offer_name>Offer Name 2</offer_name>




<offer_name>Offer Name 3</offer_name>



<vertical_name>Vertical Name 1</vertical_name>














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