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API Call - Change Account Info (Email Partners)

Change Account Info





  • api_key [STRING] = Affiliate API Key
  • user_id [INT] = Affiliate ID
  • first_name [STRING] = First name of Affiliate
  • last_name [STRING] = Last name of Affiliate
  • email [STRING] = Email of Affiliate
  • payment_to [STRING] = Payment name
  • address1 [STRING] = First address
  • address2 [STRING] = Second address
  • address_city [STRING] = City
  • address_zip_code [NUMBER] = Zip code
  • address_country [STRING] = Country (country code or country name)
  • address_state [STRING] = State (state code or state name)
  • phone_work [NUMBER] = Work phone
  • phone_cell [NUMBER] = Cell phone
  • im_type [STRING] = IM type (Allowed types: ‘google’, ‘hangout’, ‘msn’, ‘facebook’, ‘skype’, ‘other’, ‘twitter)
  • im_name [STRING] = IM name
  • tax_class [STRING] = Class of tax
  • ssn_or_tax_id [NUMBER] = SSN or Tax ID
  • website [STRING] = Website


Sample XML Response:


<change_account_info_response xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">


<message>The update has succeeded</message>


Contact Information

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