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Setting up a Voluum Postback

Setup Your Voluum Postback in 2 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Pull Link

First you will need to pull your link for each Link ID from Perform[cb] and put the link into your tracking platform (in this case Voluum, with Voluum tokens/variables):{clickid}&subid3=&subid4=&subid5=

*{clickid} is the Voluum token for the Voluum click ID (required for postback)

*You can pass back any other information through the other parameters, using your available Voluum tokens (Voluum Interface & Tokens found in the screenshot below)

Step 2 - Place Pixel

In Perform[cb], place your pixel (on the Left Hand Side: Tracking Pixels)

*The &cid= must contain the Perform[cb] token/variable {subid2} which will post the {clickid} information from the Voluum link, to the {subid2} in the pixel. This completes the postback circle.

Contact Information

If you still have questions, you can contact our support teamĀ here.

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