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Required Email Creatives and Assets

For Email traffic, Perform[cb] requires that our marketers provide us with the following:

1. HTML Creatives

We require that our Marketers provide at least one creative to start. This can be a true HTML creative (comprised of clickable images), a hybrid creative (combination of text-HTML and clickable images) or a plain text creative. 

2. From/Subject Lines

To start, we require that our marketers provide us with at least one "From Line" and at least one "Subject Line"

3. Suppression File

A suppression list will typically be a .csv, .txt or .rtf within a .zip file containing a list of only email addresses (one per line). The suppression list can be made available to Perform[cb] via a login to your Web site, an FTP to download the list, or you can use an industry standard program such as Optizmo. If the suppression list cannot be downloaded in one of
these ways, an updated list should be sent a minimum of once per week to

4. Unsubscribe URL

An unsub link directs the viewer to another page where they can enter their email address to unsubscribe to that particular offer.

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