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API Call - FindMyApprovedOffers (v2)

API Call - FindMyApprovedOffers (v2)

API Best Practices

Setting a Delay

Please set a delay between API calls of at least 5 minutes, including on any failed calls.


Setting a Timeout

Some API Calls, like this one, contain a significant amount of data and therefore may take longer to load.  In this case, please configure the timeout to 120 seconds, for best results.

Includes the ability to add a contain to return the following within the single findMyApprovedOffers call:

  1. Tracking Links
  2. Offer URL
  3. Target Countries, Cities/Region
  4. Impression Tracking Required & Impression Tracking capabilities (v2)



  • api_key [STRING] = Partner API Key
  • user_id [INT] = Partner ID
  • get = findMyApprovedOffers
  • contain = &contain[]=TrackingLink
  • contain =&contain[]=OfferUrl
  • contain = &contain[]=Country
  • status = 'Active', 'Paused
  • paginate_by = [Integer] 100, 1000
  • page = [Integer] 1, 2

Sample XML Response 


  • request: {
    • Target: "Affiliate_Offer",
    • Format: "json",
    • Service: "LEAP",
    • Version: "2",
    • api_key: "########",
    • get: "findMyApprovedOffers",
    • contain: [
      • "TrackingLink",
      • "OfferUrl",
      • "Country"
  • response: {
    • status: 1,
    • httpStatus: 200,
    • data: {



  • Offer: {
    • id: 51331,
    • name: "(Private) Starbucks - iOS - US - CPI - IDFA & Impression Required",
    • description: "The Starbucks® app is a convenient way to pay in store or skip the line and order ahead. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll collect Stars and start earning free drinks and food with every purchase. Conversion Description: Offer converts when user downloads & opens the app. This offer has a cap, please see your affiliate manager.<p><b style="font-size: 13px;">Traffic Restrictions</b><br style="font-size: 13px;"/><span style="font-size: 13px;float: none;">Mobile non incent traffic only. Incentivized traffic is not allowed. Invalid or duplicate leads unaccepted, Absolutely no Incentivization, No Brand bidding, No Facebook Traffic, No Redirect Traffic. Any conversions generated outside of the allowed traffic types will be subject to non payment.No rebrokering allowed: internal and direct traffic only. US only. iOS  only.</span><!--EndFragment--></p><p></p><p><b>Hard KPIs:</b></p><p>Device ID is required, please pass back through &amp;ios_ifa={IDFA}</p><p>Appname is required, please pass back through &amp;subid3={appname}</p><p><br/></p><p><br/></p><p><!--StartFragment--><b style="font-size: 13px;">**Impression tracking is required**</b><!--EndFragment--><br/></p><p><br/></p><p><b>Soft KPI:</b><br/>- Q1% to reach is 40%. <br/>- CR% to reach 0.3%. <br/>- Fraud Benchmark Branch: 10% on Blocked Clicks and 10% on Blocked Installs Hard KPI on pubs and placements. Not reaching these will result in non-payment (applicable from July 1st 2020). <br/>- Minimum Q1% (Registration) is 20% <br/>- More than 40% Long CTIT &lt;1h will not be compensated. <br/>- Minimum CR% is 0.2%. <br/><br/></p><p><b>Hard KPI:</b></p><p>- In-app traffic only. <br/>- App name &amp; device ID must be passed with the impression and click. <br/>- All sources running must be able to support suppression lists. <br/>- Impression tracking is mandatory. <br/>- Installs with CTIT &lt;10s. <br/>- Conflicting Click Country: Click source country differs from where the corresponding install occurred. <br/>- Suspicious IP Proxy: Click IP address comes from anonymous proxy Soft- All installs should be from new user - not from older users reinstalling NO content with vulgarity, bad manners or offensive behavior, no intention to shock or offend, not depict attitudes that are discriminatory or offensive to religious, ethnic, political, cultural, disadvantaged orsocial groups, media events that could be in bad taste, exploit the misfortunes of others, hard news, gaming, religious or racially sensitive content, next to or within content depicting violence, terrorism, sex, or highly controversial issues, including dating apps, content that features Howard Schultz. Addition 6/1 No inventory run in any news or police scanner apps at this time given recent events. Please avoid context related to Riots, Protests &amp; George Floyd. <br/><br/></p>",
    • require_approval: "0",
    • require_terms_and_conditions: 0,
    • terms_and_conditions: null,
    • currency: "USD",
    • default_payout: "1.1399999994",
    • status: "active",
    • expiration_date: null,
    • payout_type: "cpa_flat",
    • percent_payout: null,
    • featured: null,
    • conversion_cap: "0",
    • weekly_conversion_cap: "0",
    • monthly_conversion_cap: "0",
    • payout_cap: "0",
    • weekly_payout_cap: "0",
    • monthly_payout_cap: "0",
    • allow_website_links: "0",
    • allow_direct_links: "0",
    • show_custom_variables: "0",
    • show_mail_list: "0",
    • dne_list_id: "0",
    • email_instructions: "0",
    • email_instructions_from: "",
    • email_instructions_subject: "",
    • has_goals_enabled: "0",
    • default_goal_name: null,
    • use_target_rules: "0",
    • is_expired: "0",
    • dne_download_url: null,
    • dne_unsubscribe_url: null,
    • dne_third_party_list: false,
    • approval_status: "approved",
    • impression_tracking_required: "Yes",
  • Country: {
    • US: {
      • id: "248",
      • code: "US",
      • name: "United States",
      • regions: [ ]

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