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API Call - FindMyApprovedOffers (v4)

API Call - FindMyApprovedOffers (v4)

API Best Practices

Setting a Delay

Please set a delay between API calls of at least 5 minutes, including on any failed calls.


Setting a Timeout

Some API Calls, like this one, contain a significant amount of data and therefore may take longer to load.  In this case, please configure the timeout to 120 seconds, for best results.

Includes the ability to add a contain to return the following within the single findMyApprovedOffers call:

  1. Tracking Links
  2. Offer URL
  3. Target Countries, Cities/Region
  4. Impression Tracking Required & Impression Tracking capabilities (v2)
  5. Blocked/Allowed SourceIDs (v3)
  6. Included/Excluded ISPs (v3)
  7. Payout type: cpa_flat or cpc (v4)



  • api_key [STRING] = Partner API Key
  • user_id [INT] = Partner ID
  • get = findMyApprovedOffers
  • status = 'Active', 'Paused
  • offer_type = cpa, cpe, cpi, cps, cpl, cpc
  • contain = &contain[]=TrackingLink
    • if used, must also use trackinglink_traffic_type and one of the following:
      • Display, Search, Contextual, Social, Survey, App%20Installs, SMS, Reward, Pay%20Per%20Call
  • contain = &contain[]=OfferUrl
  • contain = &contain[]=Country
  • paginate_by = [Integer] 100, 1000
  • page = [Integer] 1, 2

Additional Fields available with v2:

  • package_id
  • vertical_name
  • vertical_id

Additional Fields available with v3

  • Traffic_types_allowed

Additional Fields available with v4

  • events
  • pricing_model

Sample JSON Response 


  • request: {
    • Target: "Affiliate_Offer",
    • Format: "json",
    • Service: "LEAP",
    • Version: "3",
    • api_key: "########",
    • get: "findMyApprovedOffers",
    • contain: [
      • "TrackingLink",
      • "OfferUrl",
      • "Country"
  • response: {
    • status: 1,
    • httpStatus: 200,
    • data: {


"vertical_name": "TESTING","package_id": "123","id": #####,"name": "offer test","description": "","require_approval": "0","require_terms_and_conditions": 0,"terms_and_conditions": null,"preview_url": "","currency": "USD","default_payout": "0.009","status": "active","expiration_date": null,"payout_type": "cpa_flat",

"pricing_model""CPA","percent_payout": null,"featured": null,"vertical_id": 845,"traffic_types_allowed": [{"name": "Contextual"},{"name": "Display"},{"name": "Search"},{"name": "Social"},{"name": "Survey"},{"name": "App Installs"},{"name": "SMS"},{"name": "Reward"},{"name": "Pay Per Call"}],"conversion_cap": "0","weekly_conversion_cap": "0","monthly_conversion_cap": "0","payout_cap": "0","weekly_payout_cap": "0","monthly_payout_cap": "0","allow_website_links": "0","allow_direct_links": "0","show_custom_variables": "0","show_mail_list": "0","dne_list_id": "0","email_instructions": "0","email_instructions_from": "","email_instructions_subject": "","has_goals_enabled": "0","default_goal_name": null,"use_target_rules": "0","is_expired": "0","dne_download_url": null,"dne_unsubscribe_url": null,"dne_third_party_list": false,"approval_status": "approved","impression_tracking_required": "No","blocked_source_ids": ["testsourceidblock1","testsourceidblock2"],"allowed_source_ids": [],"included_isps": [],"excluded_isps": [],

"events": []},"TrackingLink": {"affiliate_id": ####,"offer_id": #####,"click_url": "","impression_pixel": ""

},"errors": [],"errorMessage": null

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If you still have questions, you can contact our support team here.


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