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Getting Setup with Facebook's Conversion API

Setting up Facebook’s Conversion API Pixel (formerly known as Server-Side API) is simpler than you think!  

Before we break this down for you, here’s why you should care about it.

Many Advertisers are shifting to using postback (server to server) pixels, as a more reliable method of tracking and as a result, browser pixels (such as a traditional Facebook pixels) will no longer fire. 

Additionally, with the recent iOS 14.5 release, it’s important to stay ahead of the game and ensure that your pixels are setup for success.

Please note that PerformLEAP will attempt to fire any and all pixels you have placed and in the case of Facebook, they have their own de-duplication strategy, so you’ll want to make sure you’re following those best practices.

Here’s how to take advantage of the Conversion API Setup for Facebook:

  1. In your Facebook Business Manager Account, navigate to More Tools: Events Manager

Next, Connect a Data Source:

When prompted, select Web and hit Connect:

This will take you to the Connection Method setup, where you should select “Conversions API” and Name your new pixel.

Next, you’ll select the Events that are important to you.  Here is the list of Standard Events:

Once you’ve selected the proper Events, you’’ll move onto the Event Details. Note you will need to select at least one Customer Information Parameter; LEAP is sending Client IP & Client UA

You’ll then select “Manually Implement the API Yourself” (or Send Instructions to your Developer):

From here, you’ll copy down your Pixel ID and Generate Access Token:

And format those with this structure:

*NOTE: v10.0 is the current version at the time of this document creation

Lastly, you’ll place that Conversion API into PerformLEAP as Type: Facebook Postback:

As you receive conversions on the offer, you will also now start to see Conversions in your Facebook Portal coming in as “Server” or “Conversions API”:

If you have any questions, please hit up your Partner Rep!

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