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Custom Domains

What is a Custom Domain?

While Perform[cb] provides tracking domains, these are often shared by many partners.  A Custom Domain allows you to have your own unique domain that is reserved just for you.  This often generates better performance, as it helps protect your traffic and reputation of the domain; thus leading to increased revenue.

How do I get setup?

Our new Custom Domains feature allows you to add your own purchased domain to our platform, where we will return unique Name Server records for you to point that domain to our servers.  Setup only takes a few minutes:

  1. Go to your preferred domain registrar and web hosting, such as GoDaddy or Namecheap & purchase your domain
  2. Navigate to the "Custom Domains" section of Perform[cb]
    1. Click Add Domain
    2. Enter your new domain and click Submit
    3. Upon submitting, you will see a pop-up modal with the Host and four Name Servers listed - press the icon to the right and click Copy to Clipboard
    4. Click Save
  3. Navigate back to your domain registrar or DNS Provider(Do not use Cloudfare) and paste the four Name Server configurations you had copied in the previous step
    1. Click here for some popular DNS Providers and their How To Guides
  4. Note: Perform[cb]'s platform will automatically approve the custom domain once the four server configurations have been connected to your DNS.  This will update the status of your custom domain in our platform to "Verified"
    1. With this new Verified status, you are now ready to use this domain on any offers of your choosing
    2. Simply search and find the offer you want to run, click Create Link, select your link type, traffic type and choose your new verified custom domain in the dropdown option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a subdomain when setting up a new custom domain?

Yes! It will work the same way as a domain

Can I use my same domain for my website and for my custom domain to run traffic with Perform[cb]?

No, each domain can only be pointed to 1 location.  You can either setup a subdomain on your existing domain or purchase a new domain

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