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Multiple Events Setup

If you are a marketer measuring quality based on events, such as Registrations, Funded Accounts and Locked Policies, our platform gives you the ability to report on more than just a single/main conversion.  Having reporting on multiple events allows for more insight into the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and consumer funnel and interaction with your brand.

Simple Setup

When setting up a campaign, the Outcome Funnel section is where you will tell us the campaign journey, including the Main Conversion ("Outcome") and additional Events that are important for PCB/Partners to optimize traffic off of.

To add Events, simply select the "+", add an Event Name and a Payout (these can be paid or unpaid).

Each of these Events, as well as the Main Conversion, will have a Tracking Code (Pixel) that will need to be placed in your Tracking System in order to post the conversion or event back to PCB. With PCB's Optimized Campaign Builder, the pixels will already be appended with the tokens necessary for your Tracking System (selected in the previous step of the Campaign Buider).

*If you instead have a product you are selling, and want to report on ROAS, visit this documentation.


In your UI, this Event Reporting is best displayed in the Drilldown Reports (see below); however, the individual conversions and events can also be found in your Clicks & Conversions Report as well as the Dynamic Report.

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