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Welcome to Perform[cb]!

Welcome to Perform[cb]!

We are excited to have you in our network! This guide provides an overview of our platform, PerformLEAP. Please reach out to your Account Manager or Support with any questions you may have as you get up and running. 


  • Get a snapshot of today’s traffic, such as current revenue & EPC

  • View your top five performing offer groups (by revenue)

  • Check out our featured offers


To check out our available offers, navigate to the “Offers” tab

  • You can customize your search by clicking on the “Filters” drop-down. Here you can filter by Status, Vertical, Country/State, Device Type, and Operating System

  • Know the name of the offer you’re looking for? Use the search field at the top right!

  • You can also toggle between traffic types at the very top to view offers available for Display, Search, Contextual, Social, Survey, SMS and App Install traffic

Offer Details & Application

To view the offer details (like targeting or restrictions), click on the magnifying glass

  • Once the offer details box appears, you can either select “Create Offer Group” to immediately pull your tracking link and modify your link settings or will be prompted to select “Request Approval” to apply if the offer is Apply To Run (ATR)

    • After you have applied to run an ATR offer, you will be notified via email when your application has been approved

  • Once you are approved on the offer, you can search that offer in your “Offers” tab

    • You will then want to click on the gear icon and select “Create Offer Group” if you have not done so already

  • Once in the “create offer group” page, you will be able to pull your tracking link. For the purpose of this training document, we are just going to include one offer, per offer group/link.

    • You have the option to rotate offers in the same vertical, based on performance and our algorithm. If you would like to learn more about selecting offers to rotate, please contact your account manager.

    • One thing to note, you have the option to set a redirect under the redirect settings if you do not want our algorithm to send your traffic to the next best performing offer in the same vertical after the current offer pauses or hits budget. 

Once you hit “create” a new box will pop up with your link.  Here’s a guide for the type of data points you can use for each variable:

Typical Data Points for CPA Traffic


PerformLEAP Parameter

Sub Source Info 




Additional SubId Data


Additional SubId Data


Additional SubId Data


Extra Variable For Source Info


Creative ID


For example, you can add the ClickID token from your system after &subid2= in order to pass us that clickID for postback tracking. 

Typical Data Points for CPI/CPE (App Install) Traffic


PerformLEAP Parameter

Click/Transaction ID 


Sub Source Info 


App/Site Name


App Bundle ID


Extra variable


Source Info


Creative ID


Android ID




Offer Groups

To view all of your live offer groups (links), or to edit/create a new one, navigate to the “Offers Group” tab.

Here you can:

  • Search for existing offer groups using the filter drop-downs or the search box at the top right

  • Select the gear icon to edit, get your link, replicate your offer group, or archive

  • To create a new offer group, select “Create Offer Group” at the top right-hand corner. Here you can build an offer group from scratch based on a vertical of your choosing.  For more info on how to utilize this feature, contact your Account Manager


Navigate to the “Reports” tab to get a variety of reporting features such as:

  • Daily - A snapshot of today’s traffic

  • Offers - A breakdown of all offers you are running

  • Offer Groups - An idea of how all of your offer groups (links) are performing

  • Conversions - See the details of each individual conversion driven

Please Note: All reporting is in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Tracking Pixels & Postbacks

Visit the “Tracking Pixels” tab to manage your tracking integration. Here, you can:

  • Add a new tracking pixels/postbacks

  • Edit an existing tracking pixel/postback

We support the following formats:

  • Postback (or Server-to-Server, s2s)

  • Facebook Postback (specific to Facebooks Server-Side API functionality)

  • HTML (such as iFrames)

We have a couple of options when it comes to tracking pixels/postbacks. Our system allows you the option to customize how you would like your pixels/postbacks should be triggered:

  • Global Pixel

    • A Global Pixel will fire for any conversion you generate on any link  or for any offer

  • Offer Pixel

    • An Offer Pixel will only fire for conversions generated from the offer specified here

  • Offer Group Pixel

    • An Offer Group Pixel will fire for any conversions generated from the specified offer group/link

  • Vertical Pixel

    • A Vertical Pixel will fire only fire for conversions generated from offers within the specified vertical

You will also have the ability to specify which conversion point you would like the pixel/postbacks to fire on:

  • CPA/CPE/CPI/CPS/CPL Main Conversion

  • CPA/CPE/CPI/CPS/CPL Event Conversion

  • CPC Conversion

  • CPC Click

The following tokens/macros are available for us to pass information back to you: 


PerformLEAP Token/Macro



Offer ID

{offerid} or {offer_id}

Link ID


Click ID






Sub ID 1


Sub ID 2


Sub ID 3


Sub ID 4


Sub ID 5


Source ID


Android ID




Creative ID


Event Name


Please Note: 

  • There is no limit to the number of pixels/postbacks you can place in your account. 

  • Our system allows you the option to customize how your postbacks should function. You can place any combination of the above pixel types or triggers as you see fit

  • If you need HTML tracking for an offer specified as “Postback Only”, please reach out to your account manager. 

Pulling Creatives

To pull pre-approved creative assets from an offer, please navigate to the “Offers” tab and find your desired offer.  In order to pull creatives, the offer must be public OR you must already be approved on the offer. 

To grab the creatives, simply click on the magnifying glass in the “details” column and navigate to the “Creatives” tab. Here you can choose to download or have the creatives emailed to you directly!

Account Settings

In the top right-hand corner of your login you’ll find three vertical dots next to your name. Click here to open additional account settings such as:

  • Contact Info

  • Payment

  • Password

  • API Information

  • Billing

Account Manager Details (also located at the bottom left of your login, as you may have noticed already!)


  • Invoices do not need to be approved

  • The minimum payment threshold is $50

  • Please contact your account manager if you would like to discuss alternative payment methods


  • Our system will alert you of all important notifications (ex. offer expirations, payout changes, etc.)  Please be sure to whitelist along with your account manager’s email address to ensure you do not miss any communications


Please Whitelist the following IPs:




Terms of Service

Perform[cb] Network Terms & Conditions

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